Feel like your home!

                  Rooms and facilities

The rental rooms "Simos Apartments" are renovated and furnished. Fully equipped rooms are located in a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and full green grass. The rental rooms have a united place with bedroom and kitchen, private bathroom. The furniture, electrical devices, the floor tiles are in perfect situation, such as the balcony. Simos apartments are pet friendly and easy parking is an advantage.

 Especially, our rooms have:

 1. Flat screen TV (LCD)

 2· Free Wifi

 3. Fridge

 4. Air condition

 5. Full equipped kitchen

 6. · Possibility for cooking and cafe

 7. Clean sheets and towels               

  Apartments and facilities 

Except our rooms, we have furnished apartments for renting, which are more comfortable and ideal for whole family! The apartments have a united place with kitchen and living room, a large bedroom and a private bathroom. Even our apartments, like the simple rooms, are pet friendly and there is the possibility for easy parking.

              Especially, our apartments have:

 1. Flat screen TV (LCD)

2· Free Wifi

3. Fridge

4. Air condition

5. Full equipped kitchen

6. Possibility for cooking and cafe

7. Clean sheets and towels 

8. Private huge balcony with view

9. Private BBQ


Note: The hotel is fenced and suitable for safety of children




Country yard