The city of Katerini is the capital city of Pieria. Katerini is famous about her nightlife, shopping centre, the impressive City Park with graphics fountains and plenty of green.

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Paralia of Katerini

Paralia of Katerini is a tourist attraction, especially for summer months. Both Greek and foreign tourists spend their summer holidays there. Paralia is a small village near the sea, which is famous of nightlife, café, beach bars and enough shops with souvenirs.

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Olympus- Litoxoro 

Another nearby destination is the mountain Olympus and Litoxoro city at foothills of Olympus. The tour would be a beautiful and unforgettable experience. You can see the highest mountain of Greece and god house according to mythology. Also, you can see canyon of Ennipea and Monastery of St. Dionysius. The mountain Olympus, with rich flora and wild life, with paths inside would be engraved in your memory!

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Dion is ideal destination for the lovers of history and archeology. There is the possibility for visiting museum and archeological park Dion. Also, you can watch concerts and theatrical performances, which are organized during of Festival of Muses, in summer.

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Old Panteleimonas

Another nearby destination is Palaios Panteliomonas, which is a mountain traditional settlement. This small village is known all over the Greece and abroad. There are traditional buildings, stone streets and an unpredictable view of Gulf of Thessaloniki.

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Another tourist attraction of Pieria is Platamonas. If you visiti Platamona , you will see the castle of Platamona, with the stone building architecture and the unpredictable view. In Platamona, there are many souvenirs shops, café, taverns and beach bars, where you can enjoy your holidays.

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Elatochori is a mountain village belonging to the Municipality of Pieria Municipality of Katerini in Pieria. It is one of the most famous winter resorts in the region and hosts the only ski resort in the prefecture. 

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