Prefecture of Pieria

History - archeology 

Pieria is an area of Central Macedonia in Greece, with historical and archeological interest! Every year, many tourists visit the biggest mountain of Greece and house of 12 gods, Olympus! They admire the magnificent view and go for walking to mountain of the Muses. Both of them, Olympus and the mountain of Muses, gave inspiration to many poets and psalmists many years ago. Except those that are inextricably linked to mythology, someone can visit the archeological sites, such as archeological site of Dion and Pidnas, archeological museums, the castle of Platamona, where you can admire the incredible view of the infinite deep blue sea.

Natural environment

Imposing mountains, endless sandy beaches, the rivers, the water sources, the rich flora and wild life, path across the mountains, the therapeutic slush, and the wetlands compose the nature of Pieria! For all these reasons, our place is a tourist attraction for summer holidays, especially for tourists who love the nature and the beauty of natural environment. Tourists who interested for mountain and sea both of them, visit us every year! 


Pieria has ideal coasts, endless sandy beaches, blue deep sea, and shallow beaches for all the family! Entire lengths of Pieria, there are 70 kilometer beaches. The most of them have been awarded with "blue flag". The Blue Flag is a symbol of quality awarded to organized beaches and marinas managed by coastal municipalities, hoteliers or other stakeholders, based on strict criteria. It is a voluntary program that is a model environmental action to shore with a large number of bathers. Analytically, Pieria has 10 blue flags in total. Municipality of Katerini has 6 blue flags (last year had 5). Also, municipality of Dion-Olympus has 4 blue flags (last year had no one).

Municipality of Katerini

  1. Olympic beach 
  2. Paralia 
  3. Kalithea 
  4. Mediterranean Village 
  5. Κορινός 
  6. Peristasi 

Municipality of Dion-Olympus

  1. Leptokaria 
  2. Neoi Poroi 
  3. Platamonas 
  4. Skotina 

Source: Olympio Vima  


Pieria is famous of nightlife and every kind of entertainment! Especially, this place can offer taverns with live music, beautiful café, and enormous clubs to the visitors. Here, someone can enjoy his pleasure time all day from morning till night. There are many kind of entertainment for all ages. Sports events and cocktail parties are organized by seaside beach bars and café. The visitors can do sea sports, swimming to water pools and waterslides, driving carts, play paintball. Also, someone can go for walking or shopping, even though there are children with you, because there are many organized places ideal for children.